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 About me


   Stop-motion Filmmaker / Illustrator

 Main Product

    ■ Stop-motion Animation
    ■ S3D(Binocular Vision)Stop-motion Animation
    ■ Illustration
    ■ Character Design

  I am doing all of the Director, puppet making, story, and more.
  and I can create movie, character design, and stories to meet
  international needs.
  I strive to develop global entertainment!

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 Clients include

    ■ Warner Bros. ■ Disney ■ Streamit Japan ■ BROSTA TV
    ■ NHK ■ TakaraTomy entamedia ■ Gakken ■ Byakuya Shobo
    ■ TV Asahi ■ FujiTV Kids ■ Mnet and more